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GMMH-10 type Auto Milling Machine

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GMMH-10 type portable groove machine product introduction:
This model steel plate beveler belong to portable groove machine, can manufacture of arc groove, curve groove, arc KongPo in mouth, linear groove.

GMMH-10 type portable groove machine use of scope:
GMM-10 type portable groove is a multifunctional pipe/straight board/profile/curve groove machine, the machine is suitable for processing the slope before welding mouth (can be processed to K, V, X, Y groove). The machine can not only to the pipe inner hole groove on processing, also can to material processing groove, its more functional and flexibility, can greatly improve the work efficiency, this machine structure is compact, can in complex and difficult to environment where processing work.

GMMH-10 Type Portable Groove Machining Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters:

Power Supply:AC 220V 50Hz

Motor Power:2450W

Motor Speed:2500-7500RPMadjustable

Bevel Speed:0.5-1.0m/min

Bevel Angle:25°,30°,35°,40°,45°

Single Bevel Width:10mmFor example 40kg/m³ carbon steel

Max. Bevel Width:15mm

Processing Tube Dia:Φ50mm

Processing Hole:Φ50mm

Net Weight:7.5kg

GMMH-10 Type Portable Groove Machining Range
GMMH-10 portable groove machine can type pipe, hole, steel plates, arc plate, curve and various materials for "V", "K", "X" groove type, processing material widely, such as: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc

GMMH-10 Type Portable Groove Machine Product Features:
1. The structure is compact, small light model design, easy operation;
2. The 2450 W strong motor, greatly improving working efficiency;
3. Complete manufacture, processing surface is no oxidation layer;
4. Small flexible to a diameter of 50 mm cutting head above the pipes of the groove do inside and outside all can reach the requirements;
5. The bevel Angle can choose 20 °, 30 °, 37.5 ° 45 °;
6. Processing range of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc.;
7. To the pipeline, can holes, steel plate, plate and various materials for arc "V", "K", "X" type groove;
8. This model beveler belong to circular groove machine, curve groove machine, circular arc KongPo in mouth machine, arc groove machine technology field.

GMMH-10 type portable groove machining example: more product pictures please click here:

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