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GMM-X4000 CNC table edge milling machine

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GMM-X4000 CNC table edge milling machine

High precision edge milling machine, up slope angle 0~90 degrees, down break angle 0~60 degrees, groove types: V/Y, K/X, L, U/J, speed 0~2m

GMM-X4000 CNC Milling Machine (Automatic Bench Milling Machine) Product Introduction:
CNC desktop milling machine is a kind of traditional welding groove equipment, which has better groove accuracy, groove angle accuracy and groove speed. The surface finish of groove processed by CNC desktop milling machine can reach Ra3.2~6.3. CNC bench edge milling machine is a touch-screen operating system edge milling machine with HMI human-computer interaction interface. With the attention paid to groove operation in the welding field, customers' requirements for welding grooves are constantly improving, and the CNC desktop milling machine is gradually replacing the traditional desktop milling machine with complex operations.

Power performance parameters of GMM-X4000 intelligent CNC bench milling machine:

Power supply :AC380V 50HZ (other voltages can be customized)

Total power: 28KW

Operating power :15KW

Main shaft power:2 * 5.5KW

Air conditioning voltage :AC200V 50HZ

Control system : GIRET-1.1

Touch screen : 15 inches

Features of GMM-X4000CNC CNC edge milling machine (CNC bench type edge milling machine):

1. PLC system control makes the system more stable;
2. HMI human-computer interaction interface, touch screen operation, intelligent beveling machine, which can be operated by ordinary workers;
3. Safer operation: the control panel is low voltage, and the normal operation is far away from moving components;
4. The uphill angle is adjusted steplessly at 0~85 degrees, and the downhill angle is adjusted steplessly at 0~60 degrees;
5. The accuracy of groove angle shall reach ± 0.5 degree;
6. The straightness of the processing groove shall reach ± 0.5mm accuracy;
7. Equipped with electric cooling system;
8. Equipped with automatic chip removal system, which is cleaner;
9. More environmental protection, no need for cutting fluid, low noise;
10. Processing data can be stored and called at any time;
11. The human-computer interface diagram is intuitive;
12. Misoperation prevention system, automatic shielding of overrun range;
13. First Construction starts automatic groove program;
14. Manual calculation of processing data is not required for groove processing, and the system automatically cuts by layers;
15. It supports two language versions, Chinese/English by default, and the language can be customized according to customer needs;
16. Cold cutting, no oxidation deformation on the surface;
17. Real time monitoring of system input and output status;
18. Support remote rescue to make users feel more comfortable;
19. The system independently adjusts the upper and lower groove angles. The system automatically assigns the spindle according to the customer's input data.

Processing photos of GMM-X4000 CNC bench milling machine (automatic bench milling machine):


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