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GMMH-R3 type Auto Chamfering Machine

Plate Chamfering Machine Introductions:
In line with the steady progress in shipbuilding enterprise painting the new standards of steel chamfering machine, the steel plate cutting edge after cutting the R or C chamfer milling to improve the quality of polished steel edge and efficiency, And can be used in bridge engineering, aircraft manufacturing and other industries, and has a high cutting efficiency operational flexibility, security, environmental protection and other feature.

GMMH-R3 Portable pneumatic plate chamfering machine for the metal edge was R2, R3 of the arc angle or C1, C2, 45 angle beveling. You can walk straight lines, arcs and lines inside and outside the hole , hole radius to be greater than 17mm. The machine is equipped with three 8-edge-type carbide, each blade of the more than 800 meters ( data collection in the AH36 material ).

GMMH-R3 Milling Machine Technical parameters:

Cutter Diameter:30 to 40mm Cutter: 3 carbide blade
No-load Speed: ≤8000 RPM Milling Speed: 1.5 to 3m/min
Pressure: 0.63MPa Air Consumption: ≤35L/min
Connector Thread: G 3/8" Tracheal Diameter: 13mm


Order No. GMMH-R3


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