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GDM-265D Slag removal machine

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GDM-265D Slag removal machine

High efficiency slag removal is equivalent to the workload of 6~8 people. One feeding is used to finish the polishing of the upper and lower sides of the steel plate. The speed is 2~3 m/min, and polishing will not damage the ornamental layer to prevent secondary oxidation.

Introduction to GDM-265D automatic slag remover:
This model of automatic slag remover can remove: flame slag, plasma slag and laser slag, but it does not include slag and larger flame cutting slag, plasma cutting slag and laser cutting slag. The slag removal speed of the machine is 2~10m/min, and the slag on both sides can be removed by single feeding.

Power parameters of GDM-265D automatic slag remover:
Grinding motor power:3750W*2
Feeding motor power: 750W
Power of clamping motor:400W
Air source (compressed air):0.5MPa
Fan air volume:2 * 25m 3/ min
Required power supply:AC380V 50HZ

Technical parameters of GDM-265D automatic double-sided slag remover:
Width of processing plate:650mm
Thickness of processed plate:9~60mm
Length of processing plate:>170mm
Table top height:900mm
Table size: 675 * 1900mm (total length of equipment workbench)
Slag removal speed:2~4.0m/min
Once feeding is completed:Upper and lower surfaces
Net weight of the whole machine:2200KG

Features of GDM-265D automatic double-sided slag remover:
Once feeding, remove the slag on both sides, and remove the slag on the upper and lower ends independently;
Improve production efficiency and greatly reduce labor costs. One machine is equivalent to the grinding capacity of 2~4 people;
Save the cost of consumables: unique edge grinding increases the service life of the abrasive belt;
More environmentally friendly, 80%~95% of the dust will be absorbed instantly after the dust remover is equipped, making the working environment of workers healthier;
The operation is simple, and ordinary workers can learn to operate within 5 minutes.

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