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GBM-12D-R plate beveling machine

Date:2023/11/27 13:49:06 Times:2574 Sources:GIRET
GBM-12D-R self-propelled plate bevelling machine quality improve again
The plate bevelling machine performance, processing is more stable
The plate bevelling machine is patent product, The powerful technical support for product continuous improvement

 GBM-12D-R auto plate bevelling machine used space:
The plate bevelling machine can be process carbon steel, stainless steel, AL alloy. at the pressure vessel factory, the steel structure factory, shipyard etc.

GBM-12D-R Auto plate bevelling machine technical parameters:

Power Supply:AC 380V  50HZ
Total Power:750W
Motor Speed:1450r/min
Feed Speed:1.5~2.6m/min
Clamp Thickness:6~30mm
Clamp Width:>75mm
Processing Length:>70mm
Bevel Angle:25°~45°Adjustable
Single Bevel Width:0~12mm
Bevel Width:0~18mm
Cutter Plate:φ93 mm
Cutter Qty:1pcs
Worktable Height:700mm
Net Weight Floor Space:800*800mm
Net Weight:235kg

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