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GDM-3120D Slag removal machine

Date:2023/11/27 13:49:18 Times:1608 Sources:GIRET
GDM-3120D Slag removal machine

Large plate slag remover, plate width 1200mm

GDM-3120D automatic slag remover product introduction:
This is a large type of slag hanging remover. Its processing capacity is twice that of GDM-265D slag hanging remover, allowing wider workpieces to enter. The processing speed is 2.0~4.0m/min. Customers can choose a defibrillator.

Application field of GDM-3120D automatic slag remover:
The product is mainly aimed at the removal of slag hanging from flame cutting, not slag; Laser and plasma fine slags can also be removed, and the slags of cutting defects cannot be removed. It is mainly used in the fields of steel structure, engineering machinery and mining machinery.

Power parameters of GDM-3120D slag removal machine:
Power supply: AC 200/220V 50/60HZ (other voltages can be customized)
Total power:26.5KW
Grinding motor power:11KW4P * 2
Power of feeding motor (for above):1.5KWGM * 1
Feeding motor power (for use below):0.75KWGM*1
Automatic lifting power:0.75KWGM*1  
Air source (compressed air):5kg/cm2.40Ne/min
Fan air volume: 70m 3/ min

Technical parameters of GDM-3120D slag remover:

Width of processing plate: 1200mm
Thickness of processed plate:60 (100) mm
Minimum machining length, upper and lower machining: 200mm
Processing on the top:100~200mm
Table height:950mm
Table size: 3400 * 3520mm (total length of equipment workbench)
Slag removal speed: 2~4m/min
Grinding traveling speed (above):600m/min
Grinding traveling speed (below): 450m/min
Once feeding is completed: Upper and lower surfaces
Net weight of the whole machine:4500KG

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