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GMMA-100U Edge milling machine

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GMMA-100U Edge milling machine

GMMA-100U heavy duty downhill milling machine, the steel plate can be processed after being hoisted onto the platform without turning over

GMMA-100U Heavy Duty Downgrade Milling Machine Product Introduction:
The portable features of GMMA series automatic walking steel plate milling machine and beveling machine products are well integrated into this beveling machine. This is a special downhill beveling machine, which overcomes the defect that GMMA-100L heavy milling machine cannot turn over. t This beveling machine and GMMA-100L can be used together with twice the result with half the effort, and the efficiency is higher before and after. The processing speed can be adjusted at 0-1500mm/min, and the maximum clamping plate thickness can reach 100mm.

Main technical parameters of GMMA-100U heavy duty downhill milling machine:
Motor voltage: AC380V 50HZ
Total power: 6480W
Cutting power: 2 * 3000W
Feed power: 2 * 180W
Cutting speed: 0 ~ 1500mm/min (depending on the material)
Single groove width: 0~30mm (refer to the spindle feed parameter table in this manual)
Groove angle: 0 °~- 45 o (arbitrary adjustment)
Groove thickness: 9~100mm (other thicknesses can be customized)
Processing plate length: > 300mm
Minimum clamping plate width: > 100mm (non machining edge)
Slope width: 0~80mm (50mm at 45 °)
Height of workbench: 800~810mm
Machine net weight: 400kg

Efficient application of GMMA-100U heavy duty downhill milling machine:


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